Our Mission
In the late 1960's Independence Baptist Church was a mission work in Wentzville MO but in 1970 the work was moved to Foristell MO and organized into a church.  The church is currently in Foristell and some of the closest towns are Wright City, Wentzville, Lake St. Louis and O'Fallon.  In the 1970's we would have considered our location as "the middle of nowhere".  However, over the decades the population around us has grown dramatically.  Although Foristell is only about 500 people, the town of Wentzville, which is about 4 miles away, has grown to nearly 40,000 people.  Keep in mind, in 1968 when Independence Baptist was still a mission work, the population of Wentzville was around 3,000.  If you continue down Hwy 70 another 10 miles you will come to the town of O'Fallon MO.  This town had a population of about 7,000 back in 1970, but now the town is the 7th largest in MO with a population of around 90,000.  Beyond that are towns of 59,000, 65,000 and so much more.  Within 45 miles from our church you will find be in the heart of St. Louis.  This area is the most populated region of Missouri and Independence Baptist Church sits right on the western edge of it all.    

We believe that the LORD has placed Independence Baptist Church in this location for a reason.  We have never been a big church (started with 4 members and now usually run around 50 on Sunday mornings) but the LORD has used us.  Our church building was right across the street from a lady that by her own words was a drunk and greatly troubled about eternity.  Little did we know in 1970 moving the building to Foristell would be one of the tools the LORD used to change this ladies life and many of her family.  This lady visited the church, the LORD saved her soul and changed her life.  Her husband saw the change (he was also a drunk) and was eventually also saved.  Their children, brothers, cousins and some friends were also saved over time.  Looking back it is obvious He moved us to Foristell for a reason.  Now, almost 50 years later we firmly believe that He has even more for us to do.  He has not placed us on the edge of this great population for no reason. 

Our church has a burden for Lincoln, Warren, St. Charlies and St. Louis counties (among others).   Because of this we have started Wheat Field Baptist Mission in the hopes of proclaiming the gospel, seeing people saved and starting new churches in our area.  Currently we are creating mailers, looking for opportunities to preach in several of these counties and have started holding weekly services at 5055 State Hwy N, Suite 209 in Cottleville MO.    Our desire is to be like the people of Thessalonica who's lives were changed in such a way that the gospel was spread out from them in all directions.  
For from you sounded out the word of the Lord not only in Macedonia and Achaia, but also in every place your faith to God-ward is spread
Apostle Paul to the Church at Thessalonica - 1 Thessalonians 1:8
Contact Us
The LORD has blessed us with a new location.  We are now meeting at:
5055 State Hwy N, Suite 209
Cottleville MO 63304

    (636) 614-9652 

 Our sending church is:
    Independence Baptist Church
    124 South Main Street
    Foristell MO, 63348